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anyone want to help me tighten up my syntax?

i am currently in love with the band 'aloha'. actually, you know what? i think i'm back in love with rock and roll in general....
at the evens show, i ran into the magnificent jim v. and we were gripeing about the kids and how easy it is for them to find music, what with the inner-webs and all...and back in our day (insert creaking knees and back here) it took work. You wrote away to record labels for their catalogs and poured over those damn things and you chanceily ordered things that sounded interesting and payed off (lois, built to spill) and some that didn't (um...a bunch of stuff from c/z records....i don't even remember what anymore) but you used stamps and you LIKED IT.
you WAITED for that K records catalog and the sub pop and dischord 7" records in the mail and it was like fucking CHRISTMAS when they came.
You read zines. you read Fact Sheet 5 to find other zines. You wrote fan letters to the girl who did the 'Septophelia' 7" record mail order thing. You trolled record stores far and farther because the near ones never had what you wanted (naturally). You dealt with shitty reception of college radio stations just incase one would play 'bitchin' camero' one more time.
you would rejoice when they did.
i don't know whether it was the enema of going to the pitchfork fest and seeing that glut of bands or Mission of Burma reaffirming my faith in music or what, but i'm excited for the rock show again. it's not like i ever stopped going to shows but regular attendance for me has slacked off a bit, to be sure. but i'm not crying into my pillow over missing the last sleater kinney show in DC (esp. now that i know they didn't play 'i wanna be your joey ramone') but i am downright giggley in anticipation of seeing dinosaur jr. together with lou b and jay m (although i'm not so excited to see what time has done to mr. mascis. i can only hope there have been a hair cut or 12 in the meantime).
as ryan said "i guess money's still green" and i guess it is. but this girl is going to see them in bawltimore and is EXCITED.
You know what's funny? When i was in harper's ferry, there was a dry-goods place with a "dude" who "worked there" and i get very very uncomfortable when there's "acting" and it's "that close".
chris told me right after i walked in 'you should have heard the look on your face' which is probably why i walked right out. I was telling kc about it and he agreed and said he didn't like how they slipped back and forth from "i am" to "i was" and i said 'YEAH! tighten up your SYNTAX'.
but really, i should follow my own advice.
which brings me to:
or editors maybe.
anyone who has ever said "oh, i loved the movie Garden State" has been on the receiving end of my "Zach Braff needs an EDITOR" tirade. and because i really did not like the movie and for the love of god, don't even get me started on the soundtrack, but to go back to Project Runway (it all goes back to project runway) ( i would literally kill to be on that show except my sewing skills are really bad, and rethreading the overlock machine makes me break out in a cold sweat. seriously. i always have to have someone rethread the serger for me at work) where was i-
oh! editor....i have no faith in freaky angela from oh-high-oh, but look how well she did with the red headed giantess?
i think together they would be good, because while i like the giantesses eye, i think her stuff is a little cold fish. it's cool. it's well put together. it's very up-town. it just needs a dose of life. which i think is all that angela is. it's like that book- the line and the dot.
i guess what i'm saying is that having an editor in all aspects of your life might be nice.
man, all i really wanted to say is if you're on myspace, check out the band 'aloha'. particularly the song 'your eyes'.

also, i'm going to meeting today. i've been a bad quaker and haven't gone in far too long.

9:08 a.m. - 2006-08-06


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