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i need to feel your angle, cause things don't wanna mangle

i wish i could find my camera- i have a tiny pumpkin growing in my backyard that i need to document before it dies. i don't have much faith that it will grow to its full potential.
i have another pumpkin plant...that i thought was a pumpkin plant, but it might actually be zucchini. i don't know how that could have happenend, but the one fruit that's growing is round like a pumpkin, but dark green with light green/yellow markings like a zucchini.
my zucchini plant has been dead for almost a month now...definitely before the blooms began to grow, so i don't know how any cross-pollination could have happenend.
i sure would like some pumpkins 'tho.
the pumpkin plant that ryan mostly mowed down last month is back up and blooming. there's a tiny pea-sized pumpkin growing there, but i don't have much hope for it.
i'm trying to keep my pumpkin-expectations down.
but really? the one that is growing? it's perfect.
i just keep watering it and talking to it as i'm eaten to death by mosquitos.
i don't know where they're coming from- we have no standing water in our back yard, but they are plenty and mighty and bitey and terrible.
i have a rhubarb pie baking in the oven tonight for dan's going away bbq thing. i made one for work but i forgot to take it in yesterday. i hope that one is still good.
dinosaur jr. last night was pretty great.
lou barlow is in desperate need of a haircut, but he's still pretty adorable. the company i was with are...young....and kinda unforgiving about getting older. as witnessed by the "you're probably the coolest person of your age group here" backhanded compliment after a woman (*not* in my "age group" but probably a good bit older) walked by in a weird outfit.
although if i were j. mascis, i probably would dye my hair dark brown....he just looks like a grumpy old wizard...he was watching the opening band from the audience (opening band? bad. like one big sonic fart...and the drummer continuously did this weird thing with his tongue...that maybe was a little bit of a turn on at first, but after 7 minutes into the first song, i really just thought he was going to abandon his kit to make out with the guitarist) wearing a pair of oversized glasses that were one part harry caray, one they were just big and awkward and weird.
but the ottobar was cool. i'm a fan of that balcony. and cheap beer. and being close enough to pet j. mascis' grumpy wizard head.
what i was not a fan of: some douche nozzle yelling "play puke (pause) cry......puke (pause) cry"
which brings me to two things:
1) dinosaur jr played with their original line-up which means they were limited to their first three records....which is a shame because it meant nothing off green mind (and i would have liked to have heard 'i live for that look'), whatever's cool with me and where you been. and i *really* would have loved to have heard 'start choppin'". and i know "where you been" kinda marks the begining of the end of the greatness of dinosaur jr. (without a sound was *terrible*) but isn't it weird and maybe a little sad to limit yourself to three (albeit great) records that were recorded in 1985-88? i mean, you're amazing musicians....don't you maybe want to try something newer? i'm guessing lou wouldn't have had any of it. my lou barlow expectations are kinda low...which is funny if you knew how in love with him i was years ago. sebadho could either be the greatest thing ever when he wanted it to be, or one of the most miserable shows ever to have shelled out your hard cash for if he wasn't feeling it.
although, weirdly, lou looked maybe like he was enjoying himself last night. maybe it's because he didn't have some dingbat yelling "play puke (pause) cry" over and over 5 feet from his head.
there was literally no banter. i think j. said "thanks for coming out" and lou thanked the crowd at the end, but there was no talking between them, really.
not even to heckle the dumb ass which brings me to
#2). the guy who kept yelling "puke (pause) cry" irritated the crap out of me, i think because of the pause. because, first, to be all nerdy, the song is "puke + cry". maybe he didn't know how to vocalize the addition sign....maybe be mimed it or drew it in the air, hence the pause between the puke and the cry.
actually, i would have liked to have heard that as well, but i'm happier that they didn't play it just to tick off that dude. so i guess what i'm saying is, if you're doing to be a donkey and yell out song requests, you'd better at least get the f-ing name right.
but all in all, i will consider last night 20 dollars well spent.

8:25 a.m. - 2006-08-29


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