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one day down, 1000 days to go

I have my 101 list. 1000 days left to go

1. See the Pacific Ocean
2. Find a new place to live
3. Start business for real
4. Spend an entire weekend making art
5. Set up studio for real.
6. Read 10 books I own and have never finished:
7. Go ice skating or roller skating
8. Travel to Paris, Berlin or Barcelona
9. Make a dress
10. Help someone
11. Volunteer somewhere
12. Get my stuff into at least 7 stores.
13. Go to Lancaster or the Pocanoes
14. Say 'yes' to all invitations for a month
15. Get a massage
16. Cook for other people
17. Eat vegetarian every day for a week
18. Follow horoscope every day for a month
19. Do at least 20 sit-ups every day for a month
20. Play hookey and do something fun
21. drive in one direction and stop at interesting things
22. Get a mamagram
23. Go to a party alone
24. Write/illustrate children's book
25. get book published
26. Go to a first Friday/gallery night somewhere
27. Take a class
28. Feed the Koi in the Arboretum
29. Bake bread from scratch
30. Work on a film/ TV show
31. Go to a fancy restaurant like City Zen in DC or Alinea in Chicago
32. Compliment a stranger
33. write 5 letters for bad customer service
35. Write 8 letters for good customer service
35. *secret*
36. Get into a juried art show
37. Throw a party
38. Clean out attic
39. Cut debt in half
40. Sing Karaoke in front of people
41. Get in shape
42. Look really nice for one week
43. Attend a live taping of something
44. Find the best burger in DC
45. Don't leave house for one weekend.
46. Figure out recording vinyl to digital
47. Buy a new computer
48. Go to an American City I've never been to before.
49. Get a great coat.
50. Spend a weekend in NYC
51. *secret*
52. Get rid of useless junk
53. Sell a painting
54. See a foreign movie at AFI or E st.
55. Find a new job
56. Walk a dog
57. Go to the beach
58. Get my name in the paper (preferably non-nefarious notation)
59. Paint a self-portrait
60. Win something
61. Participate in an illustration Friday or Flickr group thing.
62. Finish DFW's Infinite Jest
63. Throw a dinner party
64. Grow a vegetable garden
65. See the Whitney Biennial
66. Go to a drive-in movie theatre
67. Buy one nice piece of clothing
68. Go a week without making fun of people (not even in my own head)
69. Contribute to 'This American Life'
70. Make a list of things I am thankful for
71. Make a budget and follow it for at least a month
72. Keep a food journal for a month
73. Go on a picnic
74. See a natural waterfall
75. Take photos of friends
76. Bring lunch to work 4 days a week for a month
77. Take a fall weekend-getaway
78. Take a spring weekend-getaway
79. Do a painting of a building
80. Set up vacation savings account
81. Find/see a long-lost friend
82. Tell someone who deserves it to fuck off
83. play tourist for a day
84. Go to a music festival
85. Enter some kind of competition
86. get a manicure and pedicure
87. Curate an art show
88. Try my hand at printmaking (non-gocco)
89. Take a yoga class
90. Write letters to Grandma
91. Make a quilt
92. Get Rosetta stone/ learn french 1
93. Do one of those 'Last minute' travel deals
94. Draw something at least every other day
95. Ride one metro line entirely from start to finish, watch people
96. Wear red lipstick every day for one month
97. Knit a sweater
98. Join a knitting group (or book club)
99. babysit someone's kids
100. Rent a convertible, drive somewhere
101. I'm not sold on this one yet...

6:56 a.m. - 2009-01-02


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