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4:52 p.m. - 2024-05-13
The fallacy of newsweek
There was a time when I always had music going. Then it was a mix of TV and music. Then mostly TV. Now, it's mostly podcasts.

I find I like working to podcasts more. It makes me feel like I'm accomplishing two things at once. Even if most of the ones I listen to are about investigative journalism and murder. And those are often linked.

I can't let go of a conversation I had to have at the market yesterday. I say 'had to have' because it was more a speech *at* me when the vendor next to me asked if I thought someone was a male or female and my truthful answer was 'I'm not sure but I also don't care'.
Anyway, the, you know what? fuck it. I'll name her. Olivia. She makes soap.
Olivia goes off about Newsweek and some '12 genders' article and for the life of me I could not stop her insanity so she's on her 17th tangent and I pick up my phone because this is all feeling like a bunch of made up nonsense and I could not find the thing she's talking about, only references *to* the thing she's talking about which essentially confirmed my suspicion, in that it's a conservative talking point drawn up to scare dingalings like Olivia who make soap for a living.

So when I arrived home yesterday, I was tired, I was agitated (also because for whatever reason, people are really driving like buttholes lately and there have been really serious accidents all over the place recently) and yelling about Olivia and who the fuck relies on Newsweek for their information.
I said all i wanted was a shower and to sit in a dark room and not talk to people and my glorious, wonderful husband said he bought a frozen pizza and if i wanted I could shower and then sit in bed and watch last nights SNL and he would bring me pizza and a salad in bed.
I felt better after the shower and sat on the couch with Chach who...and I can not stress this the absolute best human being in the entire fucking world.
He's also one of the most well adjusted and I asked him 'how do you not ruminate on stupid conversations?" and he said 'because it's in the past and there's really nothing you can do about it'.
He's so right.

but I can't let it go.


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