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my contribution to the 101 revolution

because i am nothing if not a firl who loves lists, i'm partaking in "101 in 1001" which is where you do 101 things in 1001 days. there's a timer and shit and everything. i'd like to make this a separate thing/page and if anyone knows how to do that, please let me know. and infact, you'll be assisting me with one of my feats.
i'll start the list now while i'm at work and try to finish it tonight because the clock starts ticking TOMORROW!
1. visit paris again
2. go to a baseball game
3. knit a sweater
4. get a squished penny from the space needle out on a friend's record (name must appear in the "thanks" at least)
6.take a class. any class
7. go to a bar i think is too good for me
8 get a stranger's phone number
9. buy a cheese i've never had
10.ride a rollercoaster
11.get crazy high-lights in my hair
12. repair the dent in the trunk of my car
13.make curtains for my newly painted room
14. sort receipts
15. sort bills
16. clean out my closet
17. read 5 books on my shelves i've never read
18. develop all the film i've shot and never developed
19. clip my cat's nails
20. read bob woodward's book
21. tour the whitehouse
22. see a play at a theatre that isn't mine
23. meet sarah vowell
24. get a french manicure
25. find a new job
26. see karl rove fired (ideally help him get there)
27. clean my room
28. do laundry
29. change the outside lightbulb
30. set up my dvd player in my room
31. ride a vespa
32. get a facial
33. read at one issue of the new yorker and harper's cover to cover
34. throw a dinner party hookey and go to a movie
36. build a snowman
37. write three letters in response to great customer service.
38. write three letters in resonse to poor customer serice
39. write a children's book
40. get children's book published
41. loose weight.
42. buy a piece of clothing at a boutique like Pop! or Pink November
43. learn HTML/webjunk
44. go to asheville for belle cher
45. attend a lecture
46. go to a book signing
47. throw a party of the non-dinner variety
48. spend all day in one museum
49. buy a cheap stock
50. build a sand castle
51. get a massage
52. go to a drive-in
53. ebay 10 items
54. spend a weekend in NYC. incl. lodging. none of that northern NJ junk
55. read something by Proust
56. paint a self portrait
57. import all my superchunk to my itunes
58. sew a dress
59. record all worthy records and 7"'s to my computer
60. buy an imic and appropriate stuff to make #59 possible
61. dine at an expensive restaurant
62. get a mamagram
63. drive around the entire beltway
64. add team america to my DVD collection
65. buy a suit to match my brown tweed shoes
66. make a cute bag for myself
67. keep houseclean for an entire week
68. go bowling
69. spend an afternoon on my backporch just reading
70. find/meet/view martin freeman with my own two eyes.
71.write one song
72. get out of debt. at least halfway
73. do the 24 hour comic thing
74. get netflix list to under 75
75. kiss on the first date
76. reupholster something
77. go to the zoo
78. write a letter to my parents and tell them how much i love them
79. hit the powerball number at least once. just the powerball #
80. eat vegetarian for one week
81. watch the entire first season of gilmore girls
82. take a bubblebath by candlelight
83. make dinner from a recipe i've never tried
84.go to the shore
85. tell someone 'i love you'
86. don't check email for 24 hours
87. write 12 letters
88. thoroughly CLEAN OUT the car
89. walk that bitch of a hill in my neighborhood 3 times a week
90. learn my neighbors names
91. put together a portfolio
92. go to vegas
93. see something at WOlftrap
94. go to a comic con/ small press expo
95. for one month, accept every invitation that comes down my path
96. spend an entire day doing nothing in my pajamas
97. buy one piece of original art
98. attend the live taping of letterman, conan or a game show
99. go a week without making fun of people
100. tone my upper arms
101. get better credit.

ok. that's it. my 101. i'll work on the site tonight after fort reno and maybe rethink some of these. and then WE START MY FRIENDS!

4:42 p.m. - 2005-08-01


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