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new era

well, i'm back in DC. the drive up to philly on friday was seriously death-defying.
heavy rain, heavy traffic, heavy everything.
traffic only minorly abated by the new ez-pass.
i bought the majority of my presents saturday, which i know sounds like a dumb thing to do, but i really kinda like the final rush. it wasn't bad, really. and i was very good and even went to siren records and bought nothing for myself.
which was mostly due to the fact they had nothing i immediately wanted, but still. i knew i had a $15 credit with them and i still passed on 'kicking television'. because it could never be as great as the show i saw wilco play in october. it just can't.
saw cristen, had a nice lunch with her. we talked and talked and talked and i had the greatest tirimisu ever (followed the next night by some *meh* tirimisu made by my mom on christmas. probably if i didn't scarf down the amazing one before, my mom's would have been good, but ...whatever, it was still good.
i love the fact that i've known cristen since the first day of kindergarten. because at this point, we're really more family than friends.
we went to my dad's brother's place for christmas eve which was um....weirdly terrible.
i mean, it's never a fun time with that family, but it was somehow worse sunday night.
brooke and matt were maybe in the middle of a fight, they didn't appear to talk at all....or discipline their kid cameron. and i know it's christmas, and i know the kid won't be 5 until may, but seriously? we were never allowed to act like that. it really makes me want to have a kid just to spite them and alternately have my tubes tied.
aunt barb (even tho we've insisted on no presents) proceeds to reach new lows in gifts. it seems every year, there is someone who recieves a new style of puffy vest and this year, i was the winner.
she gave todd a CD by some group called "ATB" which we listened to in the car, and i guessed aloud that ATB stood for ass-to-butt, because it was the gayest music i've ever heard. seriously. erasure would be embarrassed for them.
todd threw it out the window.
the funniest thing was aunt barb saying it was a band that "she had gotten into" so i've devised a plan to get ATB's entire catalog for aunt barb next christmas. because i don't believe for one minute that it wasn't something that she passed in like a marshall's or something and threw it in her basket.
i know this is making me sound really petty, but she is ridiculously, notoriously bad at gift giving.
i really don't need more junk in my life (or, really, the back of my mom's car, which is where Puffy Vest 2006 is currently residing.
christmas day was nice and my brothers were there and it was nice to see them. and i got some knititing done, and saw my gramma. it was all very nice actually. which was not how i thought i would be. ii thought it would be stressful and severely unfun.
the only unfun-ness was x-mass eve with the ADHD wunderkind and the family of sourpuss'....oh, and the shrimpy-fishy-chicken- artichoke paste dinner thing. that was really gross too.
the drive back wasn't bad, except for the delaware toll plaza which is always a nightmare so i did my otis chapel avoidance maneuver. i made it back in 3.5 hours.
and i arrived to an empty house. ryan is totally gone gone gone aside from his huge mess.
and the fact he took the shower curtain to the bathroom downstairs.
he did leave the big black entertainment center which i'm grateful for. even 'tho there's no TV.
which kinda blows. although i have one upstairs in my room.
oh, also, ryan didn't leave a note. does anyone else think that's weird? no note.
no nothing.
i left him a note on friday as i was trying to get out the door and then ran into him, but seriously? not even a "later"?
i wonder who he's going to find in michigan to help him with all of his last-minute-itis.

also, he totally didn't leave his keys. and his brother has keys which i have to admit, i'm not fond of.
i don't know....bring on the new era, i guess. an era free of cat hating and ugly red rugs.

ps. santa? thanks for the eagles (pronounced "iggles" win on christmas night. also, thanks for my family watching the eagles game christmas night. that was fun.
but mostly, thanks for the win

4:21 p.m. - 2006-12-26


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